Gyana Limited Security Policy

Effective Date: 2 September 2016

Your data is your most precious asset.

You want to keep it safe, but how do you stay ahead of the competition?

Your data does not live in a vacuum. Every minute of every day, people are connecting, travelling and influencing each other. The data is all connected, and the connections are your business edge.

But where are you going to find all this macro data? Your IT systems cannot take the petabytes of data cities generate every day. You don't have the resources to build the hundreds of data partnerships you need. And let's not even talk about AI...

You want a huge datacenter, with best in industry security practices, like Microsoft Azure. So big, it will have to be the cloud. You want to upload your data through the highest level of TLS encryption, and encrypt the data at rest with keys only you have access to. And there is no way you are sharing with anyone else... this platform is just for you.

You want best in industry AI analytics to find the connections that drive your data from the billions of data points produced by a city. And sure: to find all those connections, the data has to be decrypted for a moment. That's ok, as long as this only happens when the user explicitly asks, and it is never written unencrypted to disk.

You want to know that when you delete your data, there is no trace left on the cloud. You want full integration with your current user management system. You want user access logs for compliance.

But of course, you aren't going to do all this: the security, the data, the AI, the platform. You need to find a company you can trust. You've been trusting all your company financials on Sharepoint, your email on Office365, and your messages on Slack. Now it's almost 2020, you need to trust a company to do your analytics, and connect your data to the big picture.

Who do you trust? In this fast changing world, trust is something that never changes. You'll find the company that pursues the highest accreditions and standards in security. A company with a quality product, transparency, and great customer support. Oh, and if they are helping the UN to design AI security policy, that would be a bonus.

Gyana is this company.