Holly Carter | Intern, Gyana Limited

6 reasons why you should do your internship in a startup

I’m currently doing an internship at a start-up called Gyana, based in The Shard, London. The big question I get asked when I tell people I’m working in a start up is: why? What’s better about working in a start-up compared to an already established company? Now, both have their advantages, but here are a few reasons I have compiled as to why I picked a start-up:

1. The view — Not every start-up can boast a view like one from The Shard, but Gyana definitely have picked their location well! 25 floors up and you can see out over most of London. A lovely place to sit and have a spot of lunch!

2. Casual clothes — Most big companies have a strict smart dress code, but in a start-up the focus is on what you produce, not how you look while doing it! At Gyana fuzzy animal slippers are the order of the day, resulting in warm, comfy feet and a couple of laughs.

3. Compulsory tea (snack) breaks for team morale — yeah that’s right, compulsory breaks for food — need I say more?

4. You actually get to do things not just watch — at big firms being an intern generally means shadowing someone (aka watching other people do their job/making teas), which has some benefit, but can only be enjoyed for a day or two before you really want to do something yourself! Personally, I’ve been doing social media for Gyana, and it’s great to come out the other end with posts you can show off to prospective employers (and force upon your unsuspecting friends and family  — sorry mum).

5. Drinks outings to celebrate the end of your internship — who doesn’t love to feel appreciated (especially if a drink is involved!)

6. And finally, everyone actually loves what they do. There’s no better way to feel inspired than to be surrounded by people who are passionate about their business and getting it started in the market.

So in conclusion, I would highly recommend doing your internship at a start-up. It is not only really interesting seeing a business taking its first steps in the world, but it’s also really rewarding to be able to help!

Happy interning!

Holly Carter is currently an intern at Gyana. She is going into her second year studying zoology at Newcastle University and is currently trying to figure out what she wants to do when she graduates!