About us

What is our mission?

At GYANA, we are on a mission to evolve how you see your world. We are using pioneering technologies to build a dynamic representation of the world for you. Our product is allowing many businesses to tap into their curiosity and intuitively explore their surroundings in an innovative way. This will result in better decisions.

Why are we here?

We are here to change the way people access information about their market or strategy decisions. We believe our AI and UX can create paradigm shift on these decisions. This is especially relevant in today's fast changing data streams where LIVE information is essential.

What do we do?

In addition to the analysis of satellite and aerial imagery, we also apply sentiment and emotion analysis to social media data to capture how people are feeling at a particular location at a particular time of day. We then combine this with demographics, traffic, weather and many other kinds of data to showcase macro trends and allow you to interact with your world like never before.

Our believers

Our prestigious clients and strategic partners.

Why us?

We are a diverse group of highly committed individuals with one shared vision: to evolve the way people have access to and interact with Big Data. Collectively we have expertise in various domains including machine learning, data sciences, applied psychology, software engineering, sentiment analysis and applied mathematics.

Business trends

See LIVE macro-trends & go back in time to verify.

Share-able insights

Mail your analysis to your customers or download the intermediate results for a meeting.

Re-usable knowledge

Plan things better by seeing historic events like 'yours'.

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