See the external context to your data

Cities are not unlike living organisms – with millions of interconnected networks all working in symphony with each other. Each day, these urban environments create billions of data points – with every one holding a tiny clue as to how and why things happen the way do. For the first time in history, GyanaAI can process all this data to reveal macro trends across entire cities. What’s more, you’re able to upload your own sales data to the platform and see in real time what is driving performance across all locations.


Access rare data insights

We’ve established an incredible network of global data providers – covering everything from satellite imagery, to social media aggregators, to telecoms, to hyper-local weather providers and beyond. Intelligence abstracted from these difficult to access sources can be seamlessly integrated into your daily workflow, revealing insights you may never have even thought to look for.


Industry standard input/output formats

GyanaAI was designed to with an incredibly low adoption curve in mind. By accepting Excel, .csv, .txt, DB connections, API’s and multiple other formats, it’ll integrate smoothly with all your existing data sources. Outputting results is equally simple, with the ability to export Excel files, PDF’s or even emails, all from inside the platform.

What can I do with Gyana?


GyanaAI identifies your highest sales by location and helps you to navigate through the external factors that drove those numbers.


Knowing which areas yielded the lowest sales results is one thing, knowing what caused them is an actionable insight that directly impacts bottom line.


Anomalies by definition are hard to find, so imagine what it’d be like if they were revealed automatically. GyanaAI’s proprietary technology can spot anomalies in your data and give you the context as to what drove the result.

Social Media

Social media has the power to reveal the very pulse of a city – from what topics cause angst, to those that cause unbridled joy and everything in between. GyanaAI draws on multiple dimensions of social media data to help you understand how this affects your sales and marketing data.

Trend analysis

With GyanaAI, you can automatically discover deep trends in your sales and marketing data that are not easily visible in statistical processes.

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