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Start-up senses mood through big data


Joyeeta Das was taking a break from business school classes, enjoying the early morning sunshine in Oxford’s Port Meadows when she had her start-up eureka moment. It was not, however, the view of the city’s dreaming spires that struck her. Ms Das, an engineering graduate ...

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Bigcommunity - The Power Of A Sentiment App


Gyana is a UK based company which recently developed an app to translate data into easy to read 3D images.It then can be used by any agency intending to gauge public sentiment such as government portals, corporate entities and even Nasa. he £100,000 start-up company’s app, the brain child of Joyeeta Das, ...

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British space startups are reaching for the stars


Gyana is a great example of how space can breathe new life into big data. The company started to take shape while its co-founder and CEO Joyeeta Das was studying for her MBA at Oxford; a government-funded trip to the Kennedy Space Centre saw her spend some time with NASA, as well as industry heavyweights Virgin Galactic and Lockheed ...

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White papers

"A white paper is an authoritative report that informs readers about a complicated issue with the goal of helping readers to understand and to make decisions related to said issue." - Team GYANA.

“"Machine intelligence", "deep learning", "big data" -- these are big words with a justified hype. It's difficult not to imagine the possibilities as we develop the infrastructure to store and collect huge quantities of raw data. We came across papers that claimed to provide ...” - continue reading ...


David Kell, CTO & co-founder,Gyana Limited

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“Societies around the world are becoming increasingly multicultural and multilingual. In the US, more than 20% of the population speak a language other than the official language of English at home. Countries such as South Africa, the Seychelles and Singapore have ... ” - continue reading ...


Dr. Andrew Li, COO & co-founder,Gyana Limited

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